What is Animation?

Animation is traditionally a method of taking drawings and graphics and playing them back fast enough to create the illusion of motion. In marketing, animation is most often used to enhance a video with text animation or animation of graphics pertaining to the topic. With advancements in software, animation is now a very cost effective way to produce a video for most businesses.

Why Use Animation? 

Animation opens the door to storytelling techniques you can not do with traditional video. If done correctly, animation can be much more engaging than video, with eye-popping visual effects. Additionally, some complex ideas can only be explained with animation and motion graphics. Consider an animated video for your next project.

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Explainer Videos

Explainer videos explain your company's product and services with motion graphics and animation. We've done a lot of them! Take a look here.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is a combination of graphic design and video. Motion graphics can be used to add emphasis to videos, or standalone as a video.

3D Animation

Manufacturers will find 3D particularly useful in explaining their products. We can take your CAD data and create a video from it.

Text Videos

In applications without sound, like news feeds and trade shows, we can use text animation to tell a story around your product and services.

Retouching + Visual Effects

Animation can help retouch footage after it has been filmed. Visual effects can even be added depending on the overall goal of your video.

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Examples of Animation

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Petoskey Plastics Recycled Products Animation

This explainer video gives a quick overview of Petoskey Plastics' recycled plastics product line.

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Watchfire Sales Animation

We used animation to help explain a niche product offered by Watchfire Signs. Mix of 3D animation and motion graphics.

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Ready to start with animation?

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