50th Documentary

Project Overview

Petoskey Plastics is a world-class supplier of engineered flexible plastics. They celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2019. To headline their marketing campaign, they hired us to create a documentary about the story of their company.

The Challenge

Gathering enough archival imagery, working with a limited budget, and condensing a 50 year story into 15 minutes.


Documentary featuring founder interviews, archival footage and photos, and voiceover narration. Video headlined a extravagant celebration for their customers and was used in a social media marketing campaign.

Here's how we did it

A massive project like this required extensive planning and research. We spent several months working with their team gathering the correct timeline and story of the company. We started organizing archival footage and images sent to us.

We focused on the story

We identified key people to interview, that were directly involved in the growth of Petoskey Plastics. We spent two days at their headquarters in Petoskey interviewing and gathering production footage.

Paired it with voiceover

Going into the interviews we knew that we would use voiceover to fill in some of the gaps. Also, because we were working with a strict time frame of 15 minutes, the story had to be paced correctly. We wrote a script and sourced a voiceover artist to help carry the story.

Refined the story in post-production

After cutting the story together, we purposefully selected images relevant to the emotion and flow of the story. Images were edited, cropped, and color corrected. Music was selected and mixed to enhance the emotion.

Here's to the next 50 years

The event and video prompted an incredible response from their customers, supporters, and suppliers. It was shared on social media and resides on their website. We're excited to see where Petoskey Plastics goes in the next 50 years!

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