SalesPad was looking for a series of videos to explain the high-level solutions their software provided for distributors.

The Challenges

Quickly presenting their value proposition in a way that resonates with distributors. Creating a stylized video look that fits in with their branding.

SalesPad Hired Us For

  • Video Production
  • Video Editing
  • Social Media Videos
  • Motion Graphics + Animation

Our Process For Corporate Videos

Like every project, we started off by discussing the goals and objectives for this project. To improve their website experience, SalesPad wanted a video for each part of the order-to-cash cycle. In addition they wanted a video showing why a distributor should choose SalesPad.

These videos would be created using a combination of existing footage from their in-house team and new video interviews of employees and c-suite executives.

Lighting and Production

SalesPad had access to a warehouse for filming. Prior to production, our team scouted the location and came up with a lighting plan for the videos.

We wanted to create a dynamic and contrasting scene for the interviews, a look that stood out from traditional corporate video. We accomplished this by keying with a warmer light and lighting the background with cooler light.

Angle 1 - Medium Wide
Angle 2 - Off Angle Close
Angle 3 - Wide With Filming Environment

Our crew of four included our creative director, Rob Devroy, a gaffer, camera op, and a hair and a makeup artist. We used three cameras to capture multiple angles. This helps in the editing process and creates more interest for the viewer. In total, we interviewed seven employees from SalesPad.

Editing Refined The Messaging

Video editing allows us to precisely dial in the messaging. Each video followed this format to maximize the effectiveness of the video.

  1. Connect with viewer by clearly presenting pain points.
  2. Show the solutions that SalesPad provides.
  3. Provide social proof by using existing client testimonials.

SalesPad already had a large library of existing client testimonials and b-roll footage. We analyzed all of it and picked out sound bytes that matched up with the messaging. We used their b-roll footage to cover up cuts and add context to messaging.

Client Provided Old Footage

We also animated their order-to-cash graphic to provide additional interest throughout the video.

In addition to the five chevron videos, a montage-style "Why SalesPad video" was created to pitch SalesPad as a whole.

Shorter Videos For Social Media

When filming corporate interviews, there is often opportunity to create several short videos for social media. This gives your brand more opportunities to post and connect with your audience, without adding significant cost to the campaign.

For SalesPad, we cut short social media videos that spoke about specific features of their product and the philosophy behind their brand. Social media content like this helps create a more comprehensive and effective marketing campaign.

Corporate Video Production in Michigan

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