Explainer Animation

Explainer animation is a type of video that uses graphics and animation to explain complicated topics, processes, and value propositions.

Works For Any Industry

Explainer videos typically reside on a homepage or a campaign landing page. Businesses that use explainer videos will see increased conversion rates, better engagement rates, and a shorter sales cycle.

Explainer videos can be a perfect replacement to those boring training videos you had to sit through during the on-boarding process. Have a software demo? Explainer animation is perfect for that!

Grilla Grills

Grilla Grills is an online retailer that sells pellet grills and smokers.

Watchfire Signs

Watchfire is a manufacturer of digital billboards, LED signs and scoreboards.

Petoskey Plastics

Petoskey Plastics is a world-class supplier of engineered flexible plastics.

Spectrum Health

Spectrum Health is an integrated health system based in Grand Rapids, MI. Video produced in partnership with Lead Marketing.

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