Service Awards


Each year, Holland Hospital celebrates employees who have achieved service milestones throughout their career.

They hired Capture Video + Marketing to create a video and print campaign celebrating their service and showing the impact each employee has on the organization.

Full-Service Campaign

  • Creative theme and messaging
  • 20 Minute Video
  • Print brochures and materials for event
  • Custom photo books given to each high honoree
  • Social media videos
  • Recruitment videos

The process

To start off the project, we first met with Holland Hospital to go over their goals for the project. The first priority was creating a creative theme for this campaign that would fit into the overall brand style. After reviewing a few concepts, we chose a theme centered around the stories of the employees and hospital.

"Thank you, for being part of our story."
"Your story writes ours."

To go along with the messaging an illustration art style and book theme would be used for assets of the campaign. We created custom illustrations of employees and hospital scenes.

These illustrations would be used in conjunction with a book theme in the video. We created a prop book to tie all the employee stories together.


The main video would be about 20 minutes in length. We needed to tell the stories of eight employees. We broke it up into two parts, with the roundtable discussion featuring the longest serving employees. We opened and closed the video with scripted voiceover.


We moved around the hospital interviewing each employee in their department location. After interviewing them, we gathered b-roll relevant to their story.

Roundtable discussion

The high honorees above 70,000 hours were featured in a roundtable discussion. We used five cameras to capture the conversation.

Final Videos

In post-production we edited each of the interviews and overlaid b-roll. We used motion graphics and illustration footage to enhance the storytelling. Music was selected for emotion and mixed between dialogue.

The full video was then cut down into smaller social clips to share. Additionally we cut recruitment videos and stylized it with their recruitment branding.


Each high honoree received a personalized photo book with quotes and photos of their careers. In addition, we created a program brochure for the event.

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