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Increased sales, stronger brand recognition, improved search discoverability, and greater social media engagement – they’re all part of the Capture video production package.

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Capture is a Grand Rapids video production company that equips in-house marketing teams with strategic, effective and brand-supporting videos for websites, YouTube, social media and digital marketing.

With every project, ultra-responsiveness, unrivaled breadth and depth of knowledge and creative problem solving are all part of the package. Your videos will be highly professional, captivating and effective, but what our clients seem to appreciate most is the easy, reliable and stress-free relationship; we’re Grand Rapids video production experts who are simply good to be around.

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Get all the marketing videos you need and more with our subscription-based video production packages. Starting at $2,250 per month.

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Video production supercharges every part of your marketing strategy. Whether you aim to boost organic discovery of your business using YouTube, convert more prospects into customers, or simply create a more memorable brand experience, we're here to help you achieve your goals through the power of video marketing.

Ask us how we generated over $300k for a West Michigan client with a single Facebook video, or how we produced four months' worth of social media content in just two filming hours.

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behind the scenes

Watch behind-the-scenes videos and learn about our video production process.

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Capture provides video production, video editing, video marketing and videography services for Grand Rapids, West Michigan, and beyond.

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