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Rob Devroy
Creative Director + Founder
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Patrice Scott
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Nate Roles
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Christian Donoho

Top-Rated Video Production Company in Grand Rapids

We’re Capture, a highly creative, driven and professional Grand Rapids video production company. We work primarily with small to mid-sized businesses like yours to create videos that support brand image, boost online marketing effectiveness and support your traditional marketing efforts. And with every project, we deliver an experience that’ll make you happy we’re working together.

Capture with Kirk Cousins

Our founder and creative director, Rob Devroy, has extensive experience in video production and marketing for companies in the Grand Rapids area. He leads a team of strategists, creatives, filmmakers, animators and copywriters all focused on growing your business through high-quality, communicative and effective videos. Specialists in concepting, scriptwriting, filming and video production round out the teams for every video production project and relationship, depending on your specific needs.

Wherever you are, and especially if you’re in business in Grand Rapids, Capture is an excellent choice for high-quality video production.

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A Seamless Extension Of Your Marketing Team

Capture is purposely built to extend the capabilities of internal marketing teams that understand the value of quality video production but don’t have the time or expertise to do it themselves. 

We make video production easy by becoming a seamless extension of your internal marketing team. We don’t just work for you; we work with you to complete video production projects you simply don’t have the expertise or time to get done.

We’re committed to being a true partner rather than a Grand Rapids video production company that disappears after an initial meeting, then comes back with concepts or a final video that doesn't make much sense for your company. 

Before jumping headfirst into shooting and production, we dive deep into your company to gain a comprehensive understanding of your culture, competitive environment, messaging, products, services, target markets and motivators, as well as your equipment, processes and products fully before formulating a sound strategy.

We’re also not the kind of Grand Rapids video production company that needs a lot of hand-holding; we can handle everything, start to finish, and limit the amount of time and effort that are required of you or your in-house marketing team. That said, we make sure you have precisely the level of involvement you want; together, we’ll work out the who and how of producing videos based on your needs, desires and goals.

Our collaboration will result in videos that help viewers understand what your company has to offer, how your products and services will positively impact their lives and why they should work with or buy from you instead of some other Grand Rapids video production company. Perhaps just as importantly, your videos will create connections with current customers and prospects by looking great, communicating clearly and telling stories so compelling that they consistently click through for more.


If you are seeking high-quality video for marketing or event purposes, Capture has been my go-to video marketing partner for 4-5 years. I highly recommend Capture if you want great videos and things done right.

Troy Grabel

"I always go with Capture because for the price you get the best value possible.... The bang for the buck is just ridiculous."

Eddie Buillinger

"Once you work with Capture, it's like a big sigh of relief. They took what was a complicated process and made it very simple."

Audrey Carter

"The videos Capture has done for us, on average, are performing four times better than the videos we had before they started doing work for us."

Mark Graham

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