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Capture videos connect by looking great, communicating clearly and telling stories so compelling that viewers consistently click through for more. And we’re purposely built to extend the capabilities of internal marketing teams that understand the value of video but don’t have the time or expertise to create it.

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Grilla Grills Primate Product Launch

A series of over 10 videos helped Grilla Grills enter a new market. The only problem - they sold out before the official product launch date. Watch the breakdown video or view the full case study to see how we did it.

"Capture nailed this animation. It wasn't something we had originally planned for, but Rob was like, 'I think that this would be really great for social snippets,' and I think that's something we wouldn't have gotten with a different company."

Jenna Johnston

"The videos Capture has done for us, on average, are performing four times better than the videos we had before they started doing work for us."

Mark Graham

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How to Make Your Staff More Comfortable on Camera

It’s challenging to shoot and edit a good video if your subject is nervous. Anxiety can make people fidget, stumble over their words, speak too rapidly or loudly or cause other viewer-distracting reactions. Check out our latest video and blog about how to make people more comfortable on camera.

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