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For marketing teams that need frequent, high-quality video content throughout the year. Our subscription-based video production plans save you a ton of money and generate more results compared to traditional per-project pricing.

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our plans

Our pricing is simple: we charge based on the number of filming days, not the style or quantity of videos. We're your all-inclusive video agency. All plans include the following:

  • High-Quality Video Production
  • Unlimited Editing For Any Content We Film
  • As Many Videos As You Need
  • Video Scripting + Planning
  • Quarterly Strategy Session
  • Photography

Ask us about our trial period.

4 Filming Days Per Year

For businesses who need video support for key marketing initiatives. Elevate your campaigns, improve results.

Most businesses on the starter plan opt for 5-15 key marketing videos with additional short-form videos and advertisements.

$2,500 per month
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8 Filming Days Per Year

For businesses who have ongoing video needs throughout the year. For many businesses, this covers all your needs.

Most businesses on the standard plan opt for 10-30 key marketing videos and a lot of short-form videos and advertisements.

$4,500 per month
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16 Filming Days Per Year

For businesses who rely heavily on online sales and need a strong video presence. Get weekly videos for all your channels.

Most businesses on the premium plan opt for 20-60 key marketing videos and a ton of short-form videos and advertisements.

$8,000 per month
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huge savings

Businesses that need video typically have two options: hire a traditional video production agency at $10k or more per video or bring it in-house.

While in-house might seem like a good way to save costs, between equipment and salaries for a videographer and video editor, you are looking at over $150k per year. Plus, you have to manage them.

Yearly 2 Person In-House Cost
Traditional Video Agency Cost

$0/hour editing

We're serious. Enjoy unlimited editing for any content we film.

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what's included

Unlimited Editing

It doesn't matter what we film; enjoy unlimited editing for any content we film for you.

As Many Videos As You Need

Whether you want to film 30 social media videos or spend multiple days creating a key marketing video, it doesn't matter to us. Ask us how far a filming day can go.  

Any Kind Of Video You Need

From promotional and YouTube videos to customer testimonials, thought leadership pieces, event videos, social media content, product videos, and more—we're well equipped to produce any kind of video.

Video Strategy + Planning

No more guessing with video. We'll develop a comprehensive video strategy that spans your website, social media, and digital marketing. All the details, including the style of video and script for each video are taken care of.

The Latest Video Gear

Purchasing all the necessary equipment for in-house video production can easily exceed $25k. And that's not to mention the ongoing costs for editing software, insurance, and music licensing. We continually upgrade our video gear so you always get the best possible quality videos.

High-Quality Videos At A Fraction Of The Cost

If you've ever quoted out videos projects with production companies or marketing agencies, you've likely experienced sticker shock. Our flat-rate pricing allows us to create high-quality marketing videos at a price within your marketing budget. Most importantly, you see better ROI.

as many videos as you need

Ask us how far a filming day can go.

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Is it really as many videos as I need?

Yes. Whatever videos we can film during your filming days are 100% covered. Ask us how far a filming day can go.

How long is a filming day?

A filming day is four hours, starting upon our arrival at the location. Two filming days can be combined to film a total of 10 hours in one day.

Are there additional costs? 

Professional talent like actors and voiceover artists, location rentals, and travel requiring flights or hotels will have additional costs. Of course, you'll approve it first. Specialty services, such as explainer animation and YouTube management, are available as add-ons. Ask us for a pricing sheet.

Where can you film? 

Your video, your choice of location. Whether it's your premises, your client's space, or any specific location, we're adaptable. Our Grand Rapids, Michigan base allows us to easily cover the Midwest by road, and we're prepared to fly to more distant locations.

What files do I get? 

With each video, you'll receive a high-resolution .mp4 file—yours to use however and for as long as you choose.

Do you do photos? 

Yes. Just let us know and we'll use part of the day to capture whatever photos you need. We'll hand over edited photos for your team to use however they want.

What happens if I don't use every filming day?

We allow you to roll over up a max of 2 filming days to the following year upon renewal of agreement.

Do You Offer Per-Project Pricing?

Yes! Please contact us to request a quote.

more videos.
better roi.

Say goodbye to video production quotes. Get all the marketing videos you need and more with simple, flat-rate pricing.


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