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Video Marketing That Drives Manufacturers’ Growth

Capture is the ideal industrial video production partner for manufacturers that understand the value of video and want to start incorporating it into your marketing mix.

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Manufacturers, It's Time To Start Using Video

Your company might be ahead of the game, but in general manufacturers are behind in terms of leveraging the power of video for marketing and sales.

That means you can get even further ahead of your competitors just by getting started with video production and implementing a strong video strategy.

For that, Capture fits the bill of sale.

Companies like yours need a video partner that’s not just experienced with industrial video production, but that also understands business, knows how to create industrial videos that align with your marketing objectives and strategies, and can communicate concepts, processes and products in ways that make it simple for current and prospective customers to understand. Ideally, your industrial video production partner also will be very good at matching the type and tone of industrial videos with your culture and brand identity, as well as your customers’ desires, motivations and needs.

Let's Discuss Your Video Strategy
Why Industrial and Manufacturing Companies Need Video

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How Manufacturers Can Use YouTube and Industrial Video Production

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14 Video Ideas For Manufacturers

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Industrial Video Production Strategy

It’s not enough to throw together some videos and throw them out there on websites and social media. As with any marketing, industrial videos are only as effective as the production and distribution strategies behind them. 

Capture will help you create and execute an overall video strategy that includes YouTube, website videos and videos for social media, like Linkedin. Whether you sell directly to customers online or use a distributor or dealer network, we’ll tailor the video strategy specifically to how your customers consume content online and do research prior to making a purchase.

If industrial video production isn’t part of your sales and marketing strategies, you might not even know a prospect is a prospect until it’s too late, if ever. That’s because most customers do their research online before ever reaching out. By the time they send an email or make a call to a company, yours might have already been eliminated as a potential supplier or vendor. 

And speaking specifically of YouTube specifically, it’s now the second largest search engine, second only to Google, so it’s crucial to get it just right. Capture helps you develop a sound and workable YouTube strategy, create industrial videos that provide value by demonstrating, explaining or teaching, and incorporate SEO best practices so new viewers consistently click through to your channel.


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