Why Industrial and Manufacturing Companies Need Video

Ever since the world went online, more and more consumers have been conducting research before making purchases. While sales remain crucial, the initial customer interaction differs significantly from the past. Often, customers are well-informed about your products, acquainted with competitors, and poised to buy when they engage with you.

Having an exceptional website and a solid social media presence are vital for this research process. However, there is one form of media that consumers increasingly seek out when doing their research. 

And that’s video. 

Across all industries, video has become a tool for businesses to gain an edge over competitors, including manufacturing and industrial companies, because it gives the most comprehensive and genuine look at your company and products. Video encourages prospective customers to pick up the phone. 

In this article, we will delve into the two primary reasons why industrial video production holds importance for your manufacturing business.

1. Customers and Industrial Buyers Love Video

Recall the last time you scrolled through social media or a website. Chances are, you paused to watch a video. Well, your potential customers do the same!

People find videos more accessible to grasp compared to reading. Thus, merely featuring videos on your website imparts a clearer understanding of your business and offerings. Videos simplify intricate manufacturing processes, enabling you to effectively communicate your value proposition. Through videos, you're speaking your audience's language.

2. Supercharge Your Industrial Marketing Efforts

Video marketing transcends being a mere checkbox on your website; it amplifies all your marketing strategies. Here's how:

SEO Boost: Search engines like Google favor videos. Incorporating videos on your website or platform increases your chances of appearing in search results. This ensures that more potential customers discover your product or service.

Enhanced Comprehension: Imagine describing a technical product solely with words. It's challenging. Videos allow you to visually depict how things function, ensuring crystal-clear communication with your potential clients.

Social Media Connection: Social media thrives on videos. Your video-containing posts are likely to garner more shares, likes, and comments, spreading your message further.

Build Brand Authority: Employ videos to educate your audience about industry trends and insights. This positions you as an authority in your field, fostering trust.

Take a look at a video we created for Flexaust, a manufacturer of industrial hose and ducting products.

3. Manufacturing Videos Offer Long-lasting Value

One remarkable aspect of videos is their enduring impact. Even after creation, videos continue to work for you. Once a video is out there, it remains accessible, continuously contributing:

Evergreen Content: Videos retain relevance over extended periods. Unlike trendy blog posts that fade, videos continue to attract viewers.

Repurposing Opportunities: Video snippets can be transformed into social media posts, presentations, or email content. This maximizes the utility of a single content piece.

Long-Term Engagement: Old videos remain valuable to viewers who may still find them useful. This ongoing engagement is a gift that keeps on giving.

If you are a manufacturing company, industrial video production stands as your secret weapon. It resonates with your audience, bolsters your overall marketing endeavors, and leaves a lasting imprint. So, instead of shying away from the camera, embrace it. Looking for video ideas? We’ve got manufacturing video ideas here. 

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