Why Manufacturers Need A Factory Tour Video

If you are a manufacturer considering industrial video production, perhaps you've contemplated the idea of creating a factory tour video. You've probably observed other manufacturers, possibly even your competitors, utilizing factory tour videos. But does it make sense for your business?

A factory tour video offers viewers a comprehensive and visually engaging exploration of a manufacturing facility or industrial plant. Most manufacturing marketers consider factory tour videos because they provide prospects with an opportunity to see your facility without the need to travel there. This not only saves your sales team's precious budget spent on flying out to meet prospects but also allows you to allocate those resources toward more qualified customers.

In this article, we will delve into the benefits of factory tour videos for manufacturing and industrial companies. Interested in learning more about how manufacturers can incorporate video into their marketing? Check out our guide on industrial video production ideas.

Drone shot of crane lifting manufacturing materials
You can use drones to get interesting shots of your facility.

Factory Tour Videos Promote Your Manufacturing Capabilities

The primary objective of factory tour videos is to showcase your business's capabilities, and factory videos excel at achieving this goal. By presenting the viewer with a visual tour of your machinery, facilities, and final products, you effectively demonstrate your capabilities. Instead of merely informing a prospect that you produce the best parts, you can visually substantiate your claim through video.

An Important Tip: If you are a manufacturer with numerous proprietary processes and machines, a factory tour video can still be beneficial for you. We recommend maintaining a high-level approach, refraining from showing close-ups of machines or products. You can also blur sections you prefer not to reveal or keep certain elements out of focus with a presenter in the foreground. Additionally, you can host the video privately. 

People Love To Watch Factory Tour Videos 

Factory tours are intriguing to watch, even if you are not directly involved in manufacturing. This wide-ranging appeal makes them one of the most effective marketing videos that manufacturers and industrial companies can create, as there is a greater likelihood that people will want to watch them compared to other marketing videos.

Factory Tour Videos Pair Perfectly With Digital Marketing

Many manufacturers have traditionally relied heavily on word-of-mouth marketing and traditional sales strategies to attract customers. While these methods remain important for industrial companies, the next step for manufacturers is to embrace digital marketing and video production. Here are a few ways in which factory tour videos fit into digital marketing:

  1. Website: Factory tour videos can be easily hosted on your website using platforms like YouTube. These videos not only enhance the understanding of your content but can also improve your website's SEO. 
  2. Email Signup: You can offer access to the factory tour video in exchange for an email signup. This is an effective way to gather information from qualified prospects. 
  3. Social Media: Social media can present challenges for manufacturers, but factory tour videos make it easy to share engaging content. We recommend dividing the factory tour video into short-form videos to maximize its use. 

Interview of Employee in Factory Tour Video
Interviewing passionate staff creates authentic factory tour videos.

Bonus: Tips For Creating Factory Tour Videos 

If you are considering making a factory tour video, here are a few tips we've learned from producing them for our manufacturing clients: 

  1. Use Your Staff: While you can use a voiceover, involving your staff in presenting or being interviewed on camera creates a more authentic video. We’ve found viewers of your video to be more engaged, too. 
  2. Keep It Short: Depending on the size of your operation, most factory tour videos should be under 5 minutes in length. 
  3. Don’t Date It: Refrain from mentioning when you acquired new equipment or made additions to the facility. This will help keep your video relevant for a longer period. 

Need assistance with producing a factory tour video? Reach out to us. We are industrial video production experts who are easy to work with. 

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