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Capture Video + Marketing breaks your long-form videos into easily digestible short-form content that is also satisfyingly cost-effective. We'll add colorful, animated captions and text graphics to boost engagement and understanding of your message. Short-Form video and social media videos allow you to reach new audiences, so it's crucial for businesses to implement a short-form video strategy.

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short-form video pricing

Whether you need just video editing or want to create original short-form content, we can help. Explore our pricing options. If you have questions, contact us to learn more. Pricing is subject to change and may vary depending on your business's specific needs.

  • Content Repurposing
  • Animated Captions + Graphics
  • Strategic Editing
  • Sound Effects
Editing Only

Send us your existing video content, and we'll create highly engaging short-form videos by adding animated graphics, sound effects, and captions.

$300 per video
Minimum:  10 Videos
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Filming + Editing

We'll film short-form videos at your location. Perfect for businesses that want to stand out on social media with high-quality custom short-form videos.

$500 per video
Minimum:  15 Videos
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Get as many videos as you need at a flat-rate price. Not limited to short-form videos either. Best for businesses that need ongoing video throughout the year.

$2,250 per month
Minimum:  1-Year Term
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Strategic Editing

Every second matters when it comes to short-form videos. We strategically edit your videos to hook the viewer and keep them watching for longer. We add stock footage, graphics, and captions to boost engagement.

Animated Graphics

Animated graphics not only enhance the engagement of your short-form video but also contribute to a better understanding of your content, aiding the viewer in remembering your brand.

Sound Effects

In addition to boosting engagement in your videos, sound effects are a great way to make your content unique and stand out. We'll add custom sound effects that enhance your message.


Many people on social media are watching videos without the sound turned on. By adding captions on-screen, more people can understand your content and remember your message.

High-Quality Visuals

We film with the latest 4K cameras and video equipment, ensuring your short-form videos have the best quality and visuals. Additionally, we'll capture custom b-roll to enhance the storytelling in your videos.

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Premiere has an amazing automatic transcription feature. But unfortunately you can't animate the caption tracks that it generates. We'll show you our workaround and how to animate captions for Reels, Shorts and TikTok.

How To Create Trending Captions For Reels, TikTok, and Shorts

Create trending captions automatically inside of Adobe Premiere Pro. Adding captions increases engagement of your short-form content on TikTok, reels, and YouTube shorts.

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