Behind The Scenes - Our Video Production Gear

Clients are often surprised by the amount of video production gear we bring, even for smaller productions. In the video above, Rob Devroy provides a behind-the-scenes look at the equipment and gear we use for video production in Grand Rapids. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our video production process, please let us know!

Production Van

We recently were able to purchase our first production van. Previously, we transported all of our gear in a sedan, often requiring multiple trips. The production van has been a significant time-saver for both us and our clients, allowing us to quickly unload at your location, whether you are in Grand Rapids or in the Midwest. It also enables us to bring more gear, resulting in a higher-quality end video for you.

Ford Transit Van has helped us set up faster at your location.

Audio Equipment

While many people might think that camera equipment is the most important, audio is actually one of the most crucial elements for a successful video. This is because poor audio quality can render even the best-looking video unwatchable.

We've made substantial investments in high-end professional microphones, including a Sennheiser MKH 50 shotgun and a pair of wireless lavalier packs. Additionally, we have various LAVs and on-camera mics that allow us to capture high-quality audio in nearly any environment. Of course, for larger productions, we always hire on-location audio recordists with even more specialized audio equipment.

Sennheiser MKH 50 allows for high quality indoor sound capture.
Behind-the-scenes of a interview setup.

Lighting Equipment

After audio, lighting is the next most crucial aspect of great video production. We maintain a broad collection of Aputure LED lights, ranging from bi-color hard lights to small LED lights. These lights can all be easily adapted with softboxes and large diffusion panels. Additionally, we have a significant collection of bounces and floppies, which enable us to control and shape the light.

This lighting setup allows us to cover most on-location filming. For larger productions, we rent larger, specialized lighting equipment and hire additional crew.

Diffusion and black floppys allow us to control and shape the light.
A large light source creates a very pleasing image.

Camera Equipment

Over the years, we've worked with a variety of cameras, but for the past few years, we've exclusively used the Canon camera system. We have a pair of Canon C70s and a suite of L- Series RF lenses that we bring to every video production project.

The Canon C70 is an outstanding camera with high dynamic range, built-in filters, built-in audio recording, and adaptability to nearly any lens. It's tailored for the kind of work we typically do, which is why we love using it so much.

Canon C70 with display and audio equipment hooked up.

Additionally, we have a Canon R6 for additional video capture and photography, as we also provide photography services for product launches or marketing campaigns when necessary.

Behind the scenes of photo shoot using Canon R6.

Other Video Production Gear

In addition to audio, lighting, and camera equipment, we possess a wide range of additional gear, including camera stabilizers, tripods, and sliders. All of these tools enable us to control camera movement and capture higher-quality shots for your videos.

Gimbal allows for smooth camera movement.
Sliders allow for very controlled camera movement.

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