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Neuropeak Pro is a leading mental performance training company for collegiate and professional athletes. The Grand Rapids, Michigan based company hired us for video production in a marketing campaign they ran in partnership with the America Junior Golf Association

In a series of six videos, Neuropeak Pro showcased breathing tips, exercises, and strategies that junior golfers could incorporate into their on-course performance and training regimen. These videos were accessible via a QR code, which junior golfers discovered at various golf events throughout 2023.

Video production crew filming in golf simulator

Filming Videos in Grand Rapids, Michigan

West Michigan has some incredible golf courses and filming locations. However, since the videos needed to be finished before the start of the golf season, we opted for an alternative approach: using a golf simulator.

Leveraging a golf simulator in our video production process enabled us to swiftly change backgrounds, creating the illusion of filming in various locations. For a glimpse behind the scenes of Grand Rapids video production, check out the video below.

Although filming on one of Grand Rapids' stunning golf courses would have been our preference, this served as an excellent alternative.

During video editing, we incorporated text captions and graphics to ensure that viewers could easily follow along without sound. View a selection of the final videos below.

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