Silverbac All-Terrain


Grilla Grills was expanding their eCommerce product line with premium grill packages and accessories.

The Challenge

Driving sales of high-dollar products that customers couldn't see in-person.

Grilla Grills Hired Us For

  • Messaging
  • Strategy
  • Product Photography
  • Product Videos
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Ads

The Results

  • The Silverbac All-Terrain Facebook launch video converted over $300k alone.
  • Outdoor Kitchen sold out within 2 weeks.
  • Jerky Rack Accessory sold out within 2 weeks.
  • Kamado Kart Accessory sold out within 7 weeks.

Here's How We Did It

For this project, Grilla Grills would be introducing several products above the typical price point that their customers were used to. For the campaign to be successful, we knew we had to focus on the quality and value of the products.

  • Outdoor Kitchen - $1,749
  • Silverbac All-Terrain - $999
  • All-Terrain Kamado Kart - $329
  • Jerky Rack - $99


The launch campaign would rely heavily on videos that could be shared on social media. The videos needed to quickly communicate the quality of the product and show feelings associated with using a Grilla Grill. To accomplish this, we crafted concise but memorable copy.

"The New King of The Jungle."
"Built Rock-Solid, Just Like Our Grills.”
“Premium, Modular, Ready-To-Go.”

Launch Strategy

We leveraged several styles of videos for the campaign. Each product video would featured a voiceover. In addition, we planned out recipe videos and content marketing to cross-promote products. Here's what our plan looked like.


Filming took place on-location over three days. We utilized their location and rented additional locations relevant to each product. We focused on mouth-watering imagery and hero shots of the products. In addition we interviewed their head engineer to describe the design process behind each products.


In post-production we refined the messaging of the videos. We added motion graphics to call out certain features of the products and mixed upbeat music in line with the Grilla Grills brand. Videos were sent to the client for review.


We delivered 18 videos and a full library of images to their in-house team. In addition, we created thumbnails and caption files for each video. Videos and content was released on social media slowly to maximize exposure. Short videos were included in a digital advertising campaign.

Grilla Grills experienced incredible results and a huge return on their investment. The Silverbac All-Terrain Facebook video converted over $300,000 alone in 4 weeks. Additionally, the Outdoor Kitchen and Jerky Rack sold out with 2 weeks.

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