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Rob Devroy is a videographer in Grand Rapids, Michigan, who is so much more than just a videographer. Prior to founding Capture in 2018, Rob worked in corporate positions and marketing agencies for more than 10 years, honing his skills as a videographer and marketing expert. He’s also an accomplished video editor and animator which makes Rob the perfect choice for any kind of marketing video project.

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Whatever it takes. That’s what you always get from Rob, plus a little more. So if you’re looking for a videographer in the Grand Rapids area, he’s your man.

Rob balances a consistently high level of professionalism as a videographer with being an all-around decent person who’s kind, generous, thoughtful and simply good to be around.

Behind The Scenes Healthcare Surgery Video Shoot
Rob Devroy Behind The Scenes Healthcare

Plus, he leaves nothing to chance when it comes to shooting, editing and producing your videos. Rob is always 100 percent dialed in, focused on the videography project overall and the task at hand. Rob also takes time to explain things so you understand exactly why we’re doing them, how we’re doing them or why we think an alternative approach or idea might be better. But at the end of the day, you’re always in charge.

Finally, Rob continuously strives to over-deliver and never, ever settles for “good enough.”

So if you’re looking for a Grand Rapids videographer with expertise and years of experience, someone who’s going to make the entire process pleasant and fun, and who’s going to turn out videos that get you results, contact Rob at Capture.

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In the Grand Rapids area, Rob is a great choice of videographer, but when you hire him you get so much more. 

Rob Devroy Video Editing

Marketer – With several years of agency experience under his belt, Rob gets brand, the big picture of marketing and how videography fits into overall strategy. Whether it's brand videos, vlogs, youtube videos or just filming content, Rob is your Grand Rapids videographer of choice.

Animator – For some businesses, especially highly technical or mechanical companies, a lot of things can be difficult to explain. Whether it's an abstract sales process, complex product parts and functions or complicated equipment, Rob brings his animation expertise to the video production process to bring the explanations to life and improve comprehension for your prospective customers.

Video Editor Video editing is the foundation of great storytelling and effective video marketing. Rob has over 15 years of experience editing videos. This experience ensures your videos have the proper pacing and b-roll to support your marketing message.

Director & Set Manager – Quality is in forethought and success is in the preparation, so Rob goes into every shoot like he’s headed to a Super Bowl. He takes time well in advance to thoroughly consider your desired messaging and the angles, lighting and shots that will deliver them in the most compelling ways. He shows up hours in advance to set up filming equipment, prepare talent and make sure everything’s good to go the moment you’re ready to roll.

Teacher & Mentor – Rob believes one of his most important responsibilities as a videographer is to put you, your team and team members or customers who will be in the video at ease. In addition, he’s always more than happy to share his knowledge with any member of your team, from technical aspects of videography to best practices for video deployment.

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