How Much Does a Videographer Cost in Grand Rapids?

With the increased demand of content from consumers, video has become a must for nearly all Grand Rapids businesses. While many businesses try to tackle video internally, often the technical side of producing a video becomes a limiting factor. 

That’s where a videographer comes in. A videographer is a professional, typically working on a contract basis, who specializes in the technical side of capturing, recording, and editing footage. Most videographers also have their own gear, which makes it very appealing for businesses who need access to high quality video, but don’t want to hire a full time employee and invest in video production equipment.  

So what does it cost to hire a videographer in Grand Rapids, MI? The cost varies a bit, but we’ll break down a few different tiers of videographers and explain what you should expect in terms of pricing. 

Entry-Level Grand Rapids Videographer Pricing 

  • Under $500 for a full-day shoot. 
  • Video editing between $20 - $35 per hour

Entry level videographers are usually fresh out of college and still building their portfolio. They have limited experience with client work, but may still be technically proficient. If you have a low-risk project you might want to look into hiring an entry-level videographer. 

Intermediate Grands Rapids Videographer Pricing 

  • $500 - $1,500 for a full day shoot. 
  • Video editing between $35 - $70 per hour. 

Intermediate videographers have a few years of client work under their belt. When looking at their portfolio you’ll see great technical skills and a beginning to a visual style. Intermediate videographers produce great visuals, but usually still lack marketing or business expertise that can be important to the success of a video campaign. However, if you have a good internal marketing team that can provide guidance, hiring an intermediate videographer is a great option. 

Expert Grand Rapids Videographer Pricing 

  • $1,500 - $5,000+ for a full day shoot. 
  • Video editing between $75 - $150+ per hour. 

When you hire an expert videographer you can expect top tier visuals and everything to go exactly how you plan. Expert videographers have years of experience under the belt and their portfolio will show. 

Expert videographers approach the level of a video production company and usually begin to specialize in something. Whether that’s a certain genre, like lifestyle or sports, or a more marketing-based approach to video, expert videographers are sought out by businesses who have a unique need.  

Your Expert Grand Rapids Videographer 

Rob Devroy Grand Rapids Videographer

Rob Devroy is an expert Grand Rapids videographer and owner of Capture Video + Marketing. Capture is a Grand Rapids video production company that specializes in marketing-based videos. Explore some of Rob’s work below or reach out to Rob at this link.

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