What to Look for in a Grand Rapids Videographer

The advancement of camera technology, combined with a lower cost of cameras, has opened up the world of videography to anyone. While the increased talent pool might seem like a good thing for businesses, in fact, it only makes it hard to find a videographer who can actually produce results for your business.

Almost anyone can make a decent-looking image. It’s not difficult to create a good image with how good cameras have become. That’s why you need to look at more than just their portfolio when searching for a Grand Rapids videographer.

So, what exactly do you look for when looking for a videographer in Grand Rapids? In this article, we put together our best tips for finding a great videographer for your business.

Do They Understand Marketing? 

Understanding marketing is what makes a good videographer great.

Video is simply a medium to deliver a marketing message. When you understand that, your whole approach to video changes. You start looking at how your audience consumes video, what message resonates with them, and what’s important to them.

When interviewing a Grand Rapids videographer, ask them how this fits into the client’s marketing strategy. Ask them how video would fit into your business's marketing strategy. You’ll be able to tell quickly if the videographer has an understanding of marketing. 

Do They Understand Your Business?

Your business is very unique and has its own complex systems and processes in place. Oftentimes, the videos you create will showcase this, so it’s important that your videographer can pick up and learn about your business quickly.

It’s harder to screen videographers for this quality, but a good way to look for this is to examine their portfolio. If you see a lot of B2B or business-related marketing videos, chances are they can quickly grasp your business. Check their reviews too, as past clients will often highly praise this sought-after trait.

Are They Easy to Work With?

At the end of the day, you want a Grand Rapids videographer who is easy to work with. The last thing you want to do is micromanage every aspect of the video project.

Behind The Scenes Grand Rapids Videographer

A great videographer will handle all parts of the production, from scripting to production, editing, and final delivery. You still need to provide input during the process, but you won’t be hand-holding them or going through revision after revision.

Your Grand Rapids Videographer

Rob Devroy Best Grand Rapids Videographer

Rob Devroy is a videographer in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Rob sets himself apart from other videographers by being easy to work with, having the ability to quickly understand your business, and most importantly, understanding how video will fit into your overall marketing strategy. Contact Rob Devroy to discuss your video.

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