VLOG Videography Examples for Businesses

Vlogging has become an immensely popular video style for personal brands and influencers in recent years. Lower production standards have made it easier to create compared to other types of videos. Additionally, the longer runtime of vlogs tends to yield better monetization results on YouTube.

But above all, the genuine and authentic brand image that a vlog conveys is the reason why so many personal brands and influencers have found success with them. This is because vlogs are generally unscripted and not overly produced, unlike many videos today. Authentic content like this is sought out by viewers, which is why many creators and influencers have amassed massive followings using this type of content.

Grand Rapids businesses can do the same.

Using vlogs in your marketing strategy is an excellent way to provide potential customers with a genuine, authentic look at your business. This format builds trust in your products and services, similar to word-of-mouth marketing.

In this article, I'll share a few examples of vlogs I've created as a Grand Rapids videographer. If you're interested in creating content like this for your business, feel free to reach out to me.

Day In The Life VLOG Videography Example

This "Day in the Life" VLOG follows LPGA Major Champion Morgan Pressel and Andy Matthews from Grand Rapids business, Neuropeak Pro. In addition to filming a variety of short-form content, this vlog provides entertainment, offers some golf tips, and promotes the NTEL belt.

Behind-The-Scenes VLOG Videography Example

This behind-the-scenes VLOG was created as part of a product launch for Grand Rapids area business, Grilla Grills. The goal of this VLOG was to demonstrate how easy the new WiFI grills are to use and the value they provide while showing you how to cook a prime rib.

Factory Tour VLOG Videography Example

If you have a facility that you want to showcase to potential customers, creating a vlog of a factory tour is an excellent way to provide an authentic look at your company. If you're a manufacturer looking to start with video marketing, consider making a factory tour video first.

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