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Grilla Grills WiFi Pellet Grills

When Grilla Grills decided to introduce a new lineup of WiFi pellet grills, it needed videos and photos to promote the products in a highly saturated WiFi market. To launch into the crowded environment without fading into the background, we created 10 videos that focused on the grills’ superior ease of use and clearly demonstrated how Grilla Grills Wi-Fi pellet grills were better than all the rest. See how we did it by watching the videos below and reading about our process.


Our Process

Wi-Fi pellet grills had existed for some time already before Grilla Grills decided to develop their own controller. Originally, Grilla Grills had been against a Wi-Fi controller because of the complications it adds to pellet grilling, which is supposed to be as easy as possible. But over the years, Grilla Grills kept hearing feedback from their customers saying, "We love your grills, and we love the controller, we just wish it had Wi-Fi." So, like Grilla Grills always does, they listened to their customers.

When Grilla Grills starting developing their Wi-Fi controller, they focused on addressing the most common frustrations that other competitors' Wi-Fi boards had. Setup was too complicated, connectivity issues were rampant, and the app was plagued with unnecessary bells and whistles. Leaving you spending more time managing your grill than cooking. The complete opposite of what pellet grills are supposed to do.

So when Grilla Grills reached out to us to work on a product launch campaign, they stressed they wanted to carry that message throughout the launch.

Creating Consistent Messaging For Videos

This product launch campaign would include more than 10 videos in total, so creating consistent messaging across all the videos was extremely important. When developing messaging, we focused on how easy their Wi-Fi controller was to use and what Grilla Grills is already known for - their build quality. This messaging was integrated into voice-over videos and videos featuring their staff.

"The AlphaConnect controller makes it even easier for anyone to create delicious wood-fired meals."
"Complete control and total confidence in your cook."
"And don't forget, our pellet grills still have double-wall construction, heavy-duty stainless steel..."

The above video is the first video we released. It's a high-level overview that goes over all the features of the new controller and the Grilla Grills app. The messaging that is heard in this video is echoed throughout all the other videos in the campaign. This video was also cut into shorter ads for use in paid advertising.

Branding What's Unique To Grilla Grills

Grilla Grills spent a lot of time making the AlphaConnect Wifi controller and app easy to use and reliable. But they also wanted to take this opportunity to fix a problem found on every other pellet grill on the market. The problem was that after you left your lid open for a while, the controller would have a hard time reaching it's set temp again. If you asked any pellet grill manufacturer, they would say that this is their most common issue they receive from customers.

While designing their new controller, they developed a new algorithm that could nearly eliminate this swing. We took this opportunity to brand this feature, setting it apart from the competition. We came up with the name TempTamer, playing off both the function of the algorithm and their branding.

We used animated graphs to help explain the functionality of the TempTamer. We featured this in several videos, including the Grilla Grills vlog, which shows an actual real-world example of using it. Watch the vlog later in this case study.

Anticipating Customer Questions

No matter how simple you make your product, you are still bound to have questions from customers, especially on installation and setup. To help combat some questions customers might have, we created a highly detailed Wi-Fi overview video.

The aim of this video is to tackle nearly any question you might have about Grilla Grills new Wi-Fi pellet grills. We knew that customers not only would have questions, but they would be craving every piece of new information they could get on the new grills. This overview video proved highly successful, averaging a watch time of over five minutes.

64 subscribers gained organically from the Wi-Fi overview video. Also ranked organically in YouTube search.

Overcoming Limited Filming Options

A big challenge of this project was the limited filming options we had. It was winter in Michigan when we filmed, and we didn't have a budget to travel and hire actors, so we had to adjust our strategy.

But we really wanted to show how these grills function in the real world and how they give you the ability to control your grill from anywhere. We needed an approach that showed lifestyle footage, but also could work for the limited filming options we had.

A vlog was the perfect approach to show the lifestyle aspect of the grills, how they function, and how they give you complete control to cook no matter where you are. Another bonus of the vlog is that it played off the family feel of Grilla Grills. Their customers really enjoy seeing Mark and crew, so this behind-the-scenes look at Grilla Grills was received very well.

54 subscribers gained organically from the vlog. Averaging over six minutes of watch time per view.

Ever wondered if a business vlog would be right for your brand? Check out our blog article on the top 5 reasons why your business needs a vlog.

Giving The Customer As Much Info As Possible

Grilla Grills customers were waiting a long time for Wi-Fi. We knew, when it launched, that they would be craving every detail of information they could get their hands on. To help with this, we made sure to produce content for each one of their grills. This included quick overviews with Mark Graham, the engineering manager at Grilla Grills.

Store Photography For Product Launches

Since the grills were now getting a new controller, we needed to shoot new store photos. We shot all of these at their location, using a white backdrop, and then re-touching the grills in post. Grilla Grills uses these photos for their store photos and image advertisements.

Grilla Grills Alpha Connect Wi-Fi Pellet Grills Now Available

There was an overwhelmingly positive response to the launch of the new grills. Grilla Grills had such a big response, they had a wait list of approximately four months just to fill orders for the controller upgrade.

"Awesome! Can't wait to upgrade the Silverbac and Chimp! Add me to the list!!!!!"
"I'm so anxious to get this I keep watching this video over and over."
"I had a smile on my face the entire time watching this video! I can't wait for my Silverback AT to go Wifi!!!!!"

Interested in learning more about Grilla Grills new Wi-Fi pellet grills? Make sure to check out their website and store. Have a product you are looking to launch? Shoot us an email at, or give us a call!


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