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YouTube is the second largest search engine, second only to Google, so it’s crucial to get it just right. Capture helps you develop a sound and workable YouTube strategy, create videos that consistently provide value by explaining or teaching, and incorporate SEO so new viewers click through to your channel.

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Evergreen Videos | How To Get Long-Term Free Traffic To Your Business

Evergreen videos are highly searchable videos that stay relevant for years. They work by target your customers search intent and creating awareness of your brand early in their buying journey. Read our guide.

How To Disable Related Videos On YouTube Embeds

Do you have random videos showing up at the end of your Youtube embeds? Add this code to limit those videos to being just on your channel.

YouTube vs. Vimeo For Business: Which is Better?

YouTube vs Vimeo - What is best for your business? Read our detailed guide covering what's important for your business.

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