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Generate Long-Term Traffic From YouTube

Grilla Grills was looking for ways to reach customers organically. Capture suggested a series of YouTube recipe videos that targeted popular search terms, and we made sure on-screen SEO was fully optimized. Grilla Grills saw three of the four videos rank at the top of YouTube search results for their targeted terms. The videos are still going strong, with a current equivalent average cost per view of less than 2 cents. Watch the videos and read about our process below. 


Rank On YouTube

Ranking on Youtube is hard. The platform is extremely saturated and favors daily content. But you can still find long-term success of single videos if you plan them correctly.

Reverse Seared Steak YouTube Analytics

Focus on the content

We knew most of their audience is just getting into BBQ as a hobby. They wanted step-by-step recipes of the most common BBQ recipes. Simple recipes without too many ingredients.

  • How to Reverse Sear a Steak
  • How to Make No Wrap Pork Ribs
  • How To Make Smoked Jerky
  • How to Make Smoked Hasselback Pesto Chicken

Provide value from start to finish

If you want to reach a larger audience, you have to make sure you get right into the content of the video. No long intro and no fluff content.

We followed a very simple format for the videos to keep people engaged.

  1. Show finished product and say what we will be cooking
  2. Two second logo animation
  3. Step-by-step recipe
  4. Tasting the final product
  5. Recap / call-to-action
No Wrap Ribs YouTube Analytics

Optimize your thumbnails

Thumbnails and titles are extremely important on YouTube. When YouTube suggests or recommends a video, you need it to stand out on a feed so people will click on it.

We monitored the launch of the videos and adjusted the thumbnails accordingly.

Adding Shane improved the CTR to 7.1% (Up 2.0%)
Adding a profile view improved the CTR to 6.3% (Up 1.5%)
Initial thumbnail performed well, with a 6.6% CTR

Know that not every video will find success on YouTube

Going into the project we had a goal of getting at least two videos to rank. We knew the ribs recipe would rank and were fairly confident about that jerky and steak recipe. We had our doubts about the chicken recipe, mainly because of the niche hasselback approach to it, but wanted to gather data on what their audience wanted.

So why didn't this video rank? The retention rate was on par with the other videos and the quality was the same. The answer - simply no demand or search for this niche recipe.

Hasselback Chicken YouTube Retention Rate

Final Results

Grilla Grills saw a huge return on investment for this project. Below find the stats for each video.

Reverse Seared Steak
  • 460k impressions
  • Currently 200 views per day
  • Added 262 subscribers
  • 7.1% CTR
  • 4:17 Avg watch time
Hasselback Chicken
  • 24k impressions
  • Currently 4 views per day
  • Added 8 subscribers
  • 2.7% CTR
  • 3:02 Avg watch time
No Wrap Ribs
  • 220k impressions
  • Currently 150 views per day
  • Added 201 subscribers
  • 6.3% CTR
  • 4:29 Avg watch time
Smoked Jerky
  • 184k impressions
  • Currently 60 views per day
  • Added 154 subscribers
  • 6.6% CTR
  • 5:02 Avg watch time

Videos were published in the spring of 2019. Data pulled September 2020.

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