High-Quality Testimonial Video Production

We equip your marketing team with high-quality testimonial videos and case studies that build social proof and shorten your sales cycle.

Testimonial Video Production Examples

We'll interview your customer, capture stunning b-roll and combine it into a high-converting testimonial case study. We'll hit all the pain points and make sure your value proposition comes through strong.

We'll take the highlights and edit them into easily digestible short-form videos and ads. We'll even add animated captions to increase engagement. This takes your social media marketing to a new level.  

While filming we'll also capture still photos of your customer and products. Additionally you'll receive a full interview transcript for your marketing team to pull quotes from or use in a written case study.

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How to Make Your Staff (or Subject) More Comfortable on Camera

Do your subjects for client testimonial videos and internal expert videos look nervous? Are they having trouble responding to questions? Do your videos wind up looking and feeling overly scripted? Here are some tips to make your subjects comfortable and avoid these kinds of issues.

The 5 Essential Testimonial Videos Your Business Needs

Learn about the 5 different types of testimonial videos every business needs. From short-form testimonials to case study videos, discover how to effectively use customer testimonials to convert leads and increase sales.

How To Make A Great Testimonial Video

Rob Devroy gives some tips on how to make testimonial videos.

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