9 Ways For Your Business To Use Video

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Use Video To Replace Traditional Marketing

Video is being used by businesses more and more to supplement or completely replace traditional marketing strategies. Today we’ll talk about 9 ways your business can use video across its website and social media.

1. Product Overview Videos

If your company sells any physical products, it’s a great idea to feature a video on the product webpage. More and more, consumers prefer to watch a video over reading. Including all of your product information in a video will keep consumers engaged. You can use this video to explain the product, the features, benefits, and show how your product will bring a solution to a customer.

2. How-To Videos

How-to videos generally fall under content marketing. These videos focus on providing value to the consumer. Think about what questions someone would search for and make a detailed guide about it. This will establish trust with your business. How-to videos tend to receive more organic reach and engagement compared to other types of videos.

Grilla Grills uses recipe videos in their content marketing strategy to reach people who may not know what a pellet grill is.

3. Customer Service & Technical Support

Customer service and support can be a significant cost to a business. Video can bring down costs significantly by showing how to solve the most common issues associated with your product. Your customers will appreciate this too, as they would prefer to watch a troubleshooting video instead of being stuck on the phone.

4. Recruitment & Retention

Video is great at communicating the culture of your workplace and shows candidates how they might fit in at your company. You can feature specific jobs and have employees describe the day-to-day, why they work there, and what they like about your company. This paints an attractive view of your company and will lead to more applications and most importantly, more qualified applicants.

Additionally, video can be used to celebrate employees’ successes and achievements. It’s important for employees to feel valued, and celebrating their success through video is a great way to show their importance to the company. View Holland Hospital’s Service Awards.

5. Customer Testimonials

You can use video to show the real-world solutions your business brings through a customer testimonial. Consumers can describe why they chose your brand, and what makes your brand better. Video testimonials are a great way to establish social proof of your brand.

6. Company Overviews

You can use video to give consumers a quick introduction of your business right on your homepage. A company overview video is a 1-3 minute video that describes your products and services, where you sell your products, who you sell to, and what sets you apart from the competition. This quickly gives the viewer a broad overview of how your business can help them.

7. News And Updates

Use video to communicate changes and updates to your business. Opening a new location, or welcoming a new hire? Video is a great way to announce this and it’s very shareable by your audience. You can integrate this directly into your social media, blogs, and newsletters. If you are feeling ambitious, you can use live videos to directly interact with your viewers.

8. Virtual Tours

Photos can only do so much in giving a customer a look at your facility. A video can feature your facility through a guided tour or interactive walkthrough. Manufacturers can create a factory tour video to schedule in-person tours. Hotels can show their rooms and amenities. And restaurants can communicate the environment and experience through a virtual tour

This introduction video invites people to watch the full-length factory tour video.

9. Brand Stories

Brand stories communicate the mission of your business. A brand story is personable and connects to your audience by illustrating their feelings and painting your business as the hero. Brand stories are very polished and generally fall under one minute. In the traditional sense, brand stories are considered commercials and fall into a paid advertising strategy. Brand stories introduce new customers to your brand.

We Want To Partner With You

We hope this gives you some ideas on how to use video. When we create videos, we always focus on the objective. What problem is this video trying to solve? How can a video help grow your business? This is how we start every project and we see this through every part of the video production process.

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Rob Devroy

Rob Devroy

January 8, 2020


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