How To Find On-Screen Talent For Video Production In Grand Rapids

Finding video talent and actors can be challenging, especially if your business is new to creating videos. So, in this article, we have put together our best tips for finding talent that we use on our client productions!

Tip 1 - Consider Using Your Staff

Depending on the type of video you are producing, consider using your staff to star in your video. Not only is this a great option to save costs, but your staff is often extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. This expertise and enthusiasm show on camera and make your video much more engaging for your audience.

Video types that are great for staff to be in include: behind-the-scenes style videos, product or service videos, and subject matter videos. Below is an example of a video we created for one of our clients using their staff.

We always encourage our clients to have a spokesperson or key business representative star in videos when it makes sense. It adds a personal touch to your videos that is hard to replicate with professional talent. It might seem daunting at first, but with a little coaching and editing, we can make anyone look and sound great on camera.

Tip 2 - Post In Facebook Groups

There are several Grand Rapids video production groups on Facebook that give you access to film and video professionals. Michigan Film Actors Network and Grand Rapids-based film crew and locations are a few that we regularly use to find talent.

Screenshot of Michigan Film Actors Facebook Groups

When posting your role, be sure to include any relevant details, such as whether it's a speaking or non-speaking role, and request headshots or a short audition from a sample script. You'll always get a better response if you mention that it's a paid job.

The one downside to using Facebook groups is that you'll have to sift through a lot of entry-level talent. While there are certainly professionals within these groups, you'll receive a lot of responses from people who may not be a good fit. We find it's best to use Facebook groups for non-speaking roles and background actors.

Tip 3 - Use A Talent Agency

If you have the budget for it, we recommend using a talent agency. Going through a Grand Rapids video production talent agency opens you up to high-quality talent and takes a ton of stress out of finding the right actor or actress.

One agency we have used a lot and highly recommend is Unique Models and Talent

Unique Models + Talent Website Photo

A talent agency makes it very easy to find quality actors. Once we provide a short description of what we need for our video shoot, one of their staff will provide a wide selection of talent to choose from. If it's a speaking role, we can then give a short script and request auditions. Not only does going through a talent agency give you better actors, but it also saves you a ton of time planning everything. Below is a video we created using their talent!

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