How To Come Up With Video Ideas For Your Business

It can be difficult to come up with video ideas for your business. In this article we'll go over six ways to find video ideas that customers will actually want to watch. This isn't about your typical about us, brand, or product style videos. This is all about finding video ideas that people discover organically. Videos that are sharable and are highly engaging. Read our article below to get out top 6 ways to find video ideas for your business or check out our YouTube video above.  

1. Create Videos Customers Search For

The easiest way to find ideas for videos is to think about what your customers search for. What problems are they trying to solve? What are there pain points? What do they go to YouTube for? Think about how you use YouTube to research any products or services you might buy. Your customers are going through that same exact same process, so put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Here are some examples of popular search style videos. 

  • How-To Videos
  • "What Is" Videos
  • List Videos
  • Reviews
  • Comparisons
  • Industry Topics
  • Buying Guide

Create videos for any and all topics your customer might be searching for. Focus on providing a ton of value to them. This will build authority, trust, and awareness of your brand.

If you need some inspiration on search terms, go to YouTube and start typing things into the search bar. YouTube will autocomplete popular search terms. Use these as ideas for your videos. They generally perform well because there is already a demand for this type of content.

Try typing into YouTube search to see what autocomplete suggests.

2. Look At Your Competitors Videos

A great way to weed out good ideas from bad ideas is to look at your competitors most popular videos. Don't copy them exactly but use the general idea for a basis of your video. Create a video that provides even more value or more information to that viewer. If your competitor had a video perform well that means you can have a video that performs well too.

3. Look At Your Comments

Once you get into the habit of creating more videos you will start to get comments of people asking you questions. This is a great way to find video ideas because you know there is already a demand for it. You can use a single comment to create one video or combine multiple videos into a question and answer style video.

Comments can give you some very easy video ideas.

4. Create Videos For Your Customers Buying Journey

Every business should sit down and make a detailed buying journey for their customers. Over time you want to create videos for this entire process that speak to what exactly that customer is going through at that point in their buying journey. 

Early  in their journey you want to focus on providing value. Value for video means the video provides education, entertainment, inspiration or information. This creates trust and authority of your brand. Later on when they are more committed to making a purchase you can integrate more sales and promotion of your business in the video. 

Save this image and use it for your business!

5. Remake Old Content

Over time you will see that certain videos perform better than others. My suggestion is to remake those videos that did well and do a new take or spin on it. People's attention spans are generally pretty short so as long as the video is a bit different thin they likely won't notice.

6. Ask Your Audience

YouTube has a function where you can create a poll or post a question. This is a great way to gather ideas directly from your audience. You can also ask people directly at the end of videos to comment what type of videos they would like to see..

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