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Rob Devroy is the Creative Director at Capture Video + Marketing. We sat down with and asked him a few questions. Have a question for him? Send him an email at

What's Your Role?

As creative director, I oversee the creative vision and strategy of marketing campaigns. My day to day has me working with designers, editors, and crew to produce content. Additionally, I’ll work directly with clients, executing their objectives, and ensuring the success of marketing campaigns.

Why Start The Agency?

Before starting Capture Video + Marketing, I worked in various agency and corporate environments. While I was working on marketing campaigns, I saw the enormous value video-focused marketing was bringing to businesses. Seeing the need for a Grand Rapids marketing agency that specializes in video, I set out to start the company in 2018.

Best Part About The Job?

My favorite part is working with clients. I really love being able to come up with creative solutions to problems or struggles that they may be having in their marketing efforts. Additionally, I enjoy the variety of projects that we are able to work on.

Where Are You From?

I grew up on the east side of Michigan, near Richmond. I ended up over in West Michigan for schooling. I graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2013 with a Bachelors in Film and Video Production. In addition, I studied Art and Design.

After some back and forth, I ended up staying in Grand Rapids in 2015. I have a house in Grandville now. I really enjoy the area, people, and the amount of things to do here. Also, it’s a great place for a runner to live.

What is the Best Advice You Have Ever Received?

Always be learning. In addition to video and marketing related learning, I try to apply this to every aspect of my life. You’ll never know what you will come to love, or how you could help out someone down the road.

Favorite Movie or TV Show?

All things Star Wars. Lately, I have been really enjoying the new Star Wars show, The Mandalorian.

What are You Doing When not Working?

I enjoy spending time with my wife, Melissa. We have an Australian Shepherd, Piper, who always seems to be up to trouble. My favorite hobby is distance running. I enjoy training year round and competing in races. Most recently, I have really come to love the marathon distance. Besides running, I enjoy the occasional wood-working or DIY project.

Rob Devroy

Rob Devroy

November 20, 2019


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