Patient Education Videos: A Trust-Building Strategy for Healthcare Providers

Building patient trust is at the core of any successful healthcare marketing strategy. Videos, like patient testimonials, are highly effective at showcasing the level of care your organization provides. What's even better is that this message comes from a previous patient, which makes it resonate even more with viewers.

But what are some other ways to build patient trust?

Teaching, or more specifically, patient education videos.

Across all industries, education-based marketing has proven to be an extremely effective way to establish authority and trust for a brand. In healthcare, this principle holds true.

By demonstrating expertise, explaining topics, and answering questions, you establish your healthcare organization as an expert on that particular subject. This builds trust because viewers perceive you as a solution to their problem.

Apart from word-of-mouth recommendations and online reviews, patients frequently seek reasons to trust you, and patient education videos offer an excellent means to provide the reassurance they need before visiting your practice.

In this article, we'll delve into our top tips for effectively using patient education videos within your healthcare video production strategy.

Ideas for Patient Education Videos

The most effective way to generate ideas for patient education videos is by reflecting on the most frequently asked questions in your office. If certain questions recur consistently, they likely offer excellent material for videos.

However, it's crucial to bear in mind that, during healthcare video production, content should be presented in a generalized manner without providing specific recommendations. Avoid giving any specific medical advice in these videos, as that can open a whole can of legal problems. Simply, focus on generalized education about a topic. 

Here are ways you can educate your patients with healthcare video production. 

  • Disease Explanation  (e.g., Understanding Tonsillitis)
  • Procedure Explanation (e.g., Overview of Partial Knee Surgery)
  • Treatment Options Explanation (e.g., Rehabilitation vs. Surgery)
  • Symptoms Explanation (e.g., Identifying Signs of Skin Cancer)
  • Benefits Explanation (e.g., Advantages of Daily Exercise)
  • Healthy Recipe Videos (e.g. healthy recipe videos)
  • FAQ Video (e.g., Addressing Our Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions)

All of these videos can be filmed interview style, with the provider talking directly to camera or off camera. You can use graphics, text or film b-roll relevant to the topic to add more value and increase engagement.

Here are a few examples of patient education videos from various medical organizations. 

How To Utilize and Distribute Patient Education Videos

To make the most of your patient education videos, it's important to implement a solid release strategy so that people actually watch them. Just uploading a video to Youtube doesn’t mean people will necessarily see it. Therefore, take some time to plan how to effectively deliver the videos to your audience.

Utilize your social media channels to share the videos. Among healthcare providers, Facebook tends to be a more popular social media platform. You can either upload your video directly to Facebook or share a YouTube link as a post. We recommend trying both methods regularly to determine which one performs better.

Furthermore, embed your YouTube videos throughout your website wherever they are relevant. Service line pages are a great spot for this. This will not only enhance understanding and user experience but also improve your SEO, as people are likely to spend more time on those pages. If your practice is very specialized and draws from a large geographic area, this is an extremely effective way to increase organic leads. 

You also have the option to integrate the patient education videos into the patient portal, include them in email communications, and even use them in office waiting rooms if you have a TV available.

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