Streamable: A Simple But Powerful Video Hosting Solution

If you're searching for a hassle-free video hosting solution for your business, Streamable might just be the answer. In this comprehensive review, we'll dive into its features, ease of use, customization options, and explore various use cases for both consumers and businesses.

Biggest Benefits For Businesses

Streamable Pricing

Streamable offers a range of plans, including a free version. What sets Streamable apart is its storage approach, eliminating concerns about weekly limits or total video limits common in platforms like Vimeo or Wistia. Choose your plan based on the amount of total storage you’ll need. 

User-Friendly Interface and Seamless Uploads

The heart of Streamable lies in its user-friendly interface. The video upload process is quick and efficient. Users can effortlessly name and label videos, making organization a breeze. The ability to assign multiple tags allows for convenient categorization, streamlining the management of a growing video library.

Main UI of Streamable.

The platform's speed is noteworthy, and we’ve found it faster than other common video hosting solutions. The process also allows for simultaneous tasks, such as naming and labeling, while the upload is in progress.

Effortless Embedding with Customization

One of Streamable's standout features is its straightforward approach to embedding videos on websites. Unlike platforms like YouTube, Streamable provides a clean, clutter-free player that can be easily customized to match your brand. The embedding process is simple, and users can either copy a code or, depending on their website builder, directly paste a link to the video.

Customize the look of your video player.

Customization options extend to the appearance of the play button, allowing users to choose a color that aligns with their branding. Additionally, you can upload your logo to be displayed on your video player. 

Privacy Controls and Security Features

Streamable allows users the ability to control who can access their videos. Privacy settings range from public, private, to embed only. Additional options include limiting embedding to specific domains, setting passwords, and enabling or disabling video downloads.

You set privacy settings individually or across your entire account.

For added convenience, users can establish account-wide privacy settings, providing defaults for all their videos. This level of control ensures that content remains secure and accessible only to the intended audience.

Clipping and Downloading Made Simple

Another great feature of Streamable is its robust video editing capabilities. Users can effortlessly clip and download sections of videos, making it an ideal tool for content creators, marketers, and anyone looking to share specific highlights. The platform also offers additional tools such as merging videos and cropping, catering to diverse user needs.

Try The Clipping Feature Without Signing Up

Use Cases: From Consumers to Businesses

Streamable caters to both consumer and business needs seamlessly. On the consumer side, it's a powerful tool for sharing gaming clips, sporting events highlights, or any memorable moments. For businesses, Streamable serves as an affordable yet robust video hosting platform with the added benefit of easy customization.

What We Want To See Added

While Streamable impresses with its simplicity and functionality, there's always room for improvement. Currently the analytics capabilities of Streamable are quite limited. Additionally, you are unable to upload closed captions to videos, which is becoming more important with people watching without sound on their phone. 

One more thing that we’d like to see is a change to the crop tool. It’s a really great tool for quickly getting a short-form video out, but there is no ability to snap to common aspect ratios. If they can add that, it will be a highly used feature. 

Try Streamable for Free!

Streamable offers a free plan and a free trial. Visit their website to try it yourself! 

Disclosure: Capture Video + Marketing was compensated to create a video review of Streamable, although Streamable has no say in what we post. We think it’s a great product and with a few added features, it will be even better! 

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