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Vimeo For Businesses Overview

When it comes to hosting videos on your website there's several different ways to do it. A lot of businesses will use YouTube and while they're clearly some advantages such as SEO and video discoverability, YouTube doesn't have the control most businesses want. That's where Vimeo comes in. Vimeo is a comprehensive video hosting solution for businesses that offers several different features depending on how your business operates.

In this article we'll go over the main reasons of why your of your business might want to choose Vimeo. And in the video above we go through the step-by-step process of using the most common Vimeo features.

If you have any questions about using Vimeo and video in your business please reach out to us. We offer consulting and video strategy for businesses just like yours.

Why Your Business Should Use Vimeo

The most common reason that businesses will use Vimeo is for better privacy controls and the ability to stylize the video player. Additionally, there are features like replacing videos that allow you to update a video without breaking the link. You can also control what happens after your video, something that you cannot do with YouTube. For example you can setup a call to action which links to your contact page.

Additionally, there are some really good live streaming controls and monetization options in some of the more expensive plans, but for most businesses the $20 standard plan will give you all the features you need.

Most businesses should use the standard plan.

Better Privacy Controls

A lot of businesses choose Vimeo because it has better privacy controls compared to YouTube and other video hosting services. The privacy controls are split into five different options.

Vimeo Privacy Controls

"Unlisted" allows you to send a link to someone and that video can only be viewed if they have the link. "Password" allows you to set a password for your video. "Hide from Vimeo" prevents a video from being public on your Vimeo account , but allows you to embed it anywhere you choose. "Private" prevents the video from being seen anywhere unless you are logged into your account. Finally, "public" allows the video to be discovered organically in search results. 

Stylize The Video Player

A lot of businesses are frustrated with how YouTube videos embed on their website. This makes Vimeo a great solution for them. Vimeo allows you to create a very simple video player that just has a play button. Or you can add things like a title to your video and share buttons.

You can even add accent colors to the player. Additionally, you're able to set up presets for different style players which you can then choose when uploading new videos. This saves you a lot of time and let you be consistent across your website.

Designing your video player UI is very simple.

Replace Videos Without Breaking Links

With Vimeo you can update an existing video by simply uploading a new file. This feature is extremely valuable for businesses who frequently make changes to their videos. It will save all your analytics and won't break any links for wherever you have the videos embedded.

Replacing a video updates the video without breaking links.

Control What Happens After Your Video

You can also control what happens after someone finishes watching your video. You can set up a custom call to action or have the video loop back to the beginning. This is a much better than YouTube where it often will show related videos that are your competitors.

Setup a custom call to action screen at the end of your videos.

More Resources On Vimeo vs YouTube

We've created several other videos comparing YouTube and Vimeo which you can view below. Both are great for businesses and each play a crucial role in your video marketing strategy. YouTube allows for organic discovery in YouTube and Google search, while Vimeo gives businesses much greater control on how videos are presented. 

If you have any questions or need help with video, reach out to us. We would love to discuss how you can better use video in your marketing strategy! 

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