What To Wear For Corporate Video Production Interviews

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What do I wear? We get this question a lot when preparing for corporate video production interviews. Not only is what you wear important from a technical standpoint, what you wear is important for your companies overall brand image. Here are five tips.

Solid, Neutral Colors Work Best

Avoid clothing that has a lot of colors. Multiple colors can be distracting when speaking on camera. For the same reason, it’s safe to choose colors that are neutral. We typically ask people to bring an additional shirt, so we can select what would look best against the background. If we are going for a certain look or style, we will let you know what color palate to pick from.

Avoid Sheen

Clothing that is reflective doesn’t work well on camera. Bright lights will reflect and cause issues with image reproduction. The same applies to jewelry. Do not wear any jewelry that is overly reflective. Keep it simple.

Moire Pattern On Shirt

Avoid Tight Patterns

Very tight patterns such as dots or stripes can cause an issue on camera called moiré. Moiré happens when there is too much detail in individual pixels. If you have ever looked through a screen door, the effect is similar. While moiré typically isn’t a problem with today’s 4k cameras, it still can show up. It can be minimized in post-production, but it’s best to fix it in pre-production.

Makeup Is Usually Provided

Most corporate video productions will have a hair and makeup artist on the crew. We typically ask participants to show up with minimal or no makeup, as it easiest for our makeup artists to get you ready. We are mostly trying to minimize glare from the camera and lights. If you have a typical style or look you like, ask our makeup artist while they are getting you ready. If for some reason we are not using a makeup artist, get ready how you normally would and we will touch up any spots producing glare.


Dress for the job. Same advice applies here. We ask people to dress within the culture of your workplace. Business casual or better is perfect. If a video producer is looking for a specific style, they will let you know in the production call sheet. For example, we often ask doctors to bring a white coat with their normal professional attire. If a project is more commercial focused, your outfit will be provided when you show up on set.

We can help you with your Grand Rapids corporate video production needs. Take a look at our website, or give us a call at 616-930-2222 if you have any questions.

Rob Devroy

Rob Devroy

November 24, 2019


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