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“Right Here” for Holland Hospital

Holland Hospital is a cornerstone institution in West Michigan communities. The healthcare provider has been serving the area’s residents for more than 100 years; whatever the medical situation or need might be, Holland Hospital is “right here” to help. When the hospital’s internal marketing team found itself in a bind partway through a video project, Capture was right there, too.


Wading Into the Video Breach

Holland Hospital calls itself the “lakeshore leader with nationally recognized quality care and an outstanding patient experience,” and one of its marketing themes is, “Right here for you.” The line is spot on – the hospital has been right here for West Michigan communities for decades, it’s right here for residents now and it will always be right here at the crucial time to handle any medical situation. Holland Hospital also is a leader in patient satisfaction and is in the top 5 percent nationally for overall surgical care. 

Unfortunately, Holland Hospital’s video partner wasn’t quite getting Holland Hospital's goal with the project. Communication had broken down and the working relationship had become uneasy. Meanwhile, Holland Hospital had purchased time for television ads, and they were set to start running within a matter of weeks. Members of the marketing team were stressed.

They reached out to Capture.

There first thing we did was to sit down with the team for a Discovery session. We discussed in depth the hospital’s overall marketing program, their objectives for the video ads and specifically what was working, what wasn’t working and what was needed to arrive at completed videos. The videos needed to make Holland Hospital’s internal audiences proud while communicating its high quality to external audiences and building patient trust and awareness online.

The initial scripts were solid but the the strong Holland Hospital identity, the lakeshore connection and the emotion that the internal marketing team knew would be most effective were lacking.

Still From Patient Testimonial

Pulling it All Together

Holland Hospital had already invested a great deal into video shoots, so it wanted to use existing footage.

There was a massive library of footage to work with but it needed to be edited to align with the hospital’s branding style and the style of the campaign the videos were intended to support. We reviewed all of it, as well as video shot in-house over the years and the footage done by the previous video partner. We also tracked down some drone footage of the lakeshores in West Michigan to work into the mix.

Grand Haven - Holland - South Haven

The biggest challenge was combining footage that ranged so widely in quality and composition, organizing it and making it work through creative cropping and other editing techniques.

Another was communicating the positive, uplifting patient environment and experience with recent footage; it’s pretty tough to see a smile through a mask. Capture was able to pull together footage that still conveyed joy and security, whether it was patients smiling with their cheeks or technicians, nurses and doctors technicians whose eyes sparkled just so.

Exactly What They Were Looking For

Members of the internal marketing team say they appreciated the consistent communication from Capture and the ease of the working relationship. They also were happy with our responsiveness; we finished six 15-second videos, two 30-second videos and one 90-second video ahead of schedule.

Finally, they said, the resulting video ads really click with target markets. Feedback from Holland Hospital’s internal stakeholders, including its executive team, has been overwhelmingly positive, and patients and prospective patients are currently viewing the video ads on television and a variety of social media platforms.


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