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Our Process

The key to creating a successful campaign is having a clear message. And first that means looking at the problem. Young people often lack a primary care provider. They feel healthy and invincible and often don't see the point in "just a check up." In addition, asking sensitive questions can be difficult.

All of this adds up to younger patients just seeking urgent care when something does come up. Where as primary care could of prevented urgent care trips and serious issues later in life. By looking at the problem we were able to identify our key objectives for our messaging.

  • Educate what primary care is for
  • Show the benefits of preventive care
  • Build patient trust

Video Style For Younger Patients

Holland Hospital wanted to keep these videos short, using 15 and 30 second videos for paid advertising. When designing the campaign we looked at how younger people are consuming video. TikTok and YouTube shorts stood out. We used that format and merged with popular Q and A style videos to come up with a creative approach.

Providers would first read a prompt from their phone, then give a quick response. We chose prompts that would speak to the objectives and messaging we determined earlier. We encouraged providers to say whatever first came to their mind.

The benefit to this approach is that it produced a very natural and organic response. If it was scripted, the video would feel very stale and generic. By doing a un-scripted style like this we were able to really show the personality of the providers and establish that crucial patient trust.


We filmed one day on-location at Holland Hospitals' Zeeland location. Each provider was scheduled for one hour including makeup and prep time. We used a couple locations throughout their facility, lighting and designing a simple set that was more inviting then a typical clinical environment.

In post-production we edited each providers response, choosing the best responses and editing them to fit the time constraints of the advertisements. Motion graphics were used to animate prompts and captions were added for square and vertical style videos to improve retention rates. In total 11 unique video ads were created, each with 3 different formats for different platforms.

Holland Hospital was very happy with how the videos turned out and is currently running the advertisements. Early results show an above average view through rate of above 60%.

If you are a medical provider or hospital looking for ways to connect with a younger audience consider this style. This style can also be used for long-form videos in organic marketing campaigns. If you need help, please contact us! We would love to help. Also check out our video ideas for healthcare blog for more ways to use video in your marketing strategy.


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