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Cavallo hosts a user conference each year to introduce new products, update customers on what's to come and strengthen its customer relationships. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cavallo wanted to stage the conference and interact with customers remotely while still conveying the excitement of previous in-person events. Capture created a “live-like” event that featured product-launch webinars and balanced the safety of our client’s people with that of its customers. Watch the videos and read about our process below.


Our Process

Every year, Cavallo hosts an user conference announcing new products and updating their customer base on what's to come in. This is a very important part of their marketing efforts, as it's an opportunity to reach all of their customers. But with Covid still impacting businesses, Cavallo decided to move the event to a virtual event, with webinars spanning three days.

Like-Live Event

Part of what makes a live event feel grand and exciting is the audience. This is mostly absent in virtual events, so Cavallo decided to use their employees to sit in as the audience. Each day would be split into parts. The presentation which lasted up to 40 minutes, and then a live Q & A session. All of this would be streamed to their Cvent platform to create a seamless experience for their customers.

Video Production For Presentations

The presentation portion of each day would be pre-recorded instead of being produced live. This is a great way to save cost and minimize the errors of live video production. We coordinated a venue at Calvin College's CPAC center that fit the size and look we were going for.

Video was captured using five video cameras, in a variety of angles. Videos were minimally edited to still maintain a "like-live" feel to it, but were polished enough to make the software look as good as possible. View the final videos at the top in the featured videos section or at the bottom of this page.

Live Q & A Session

To create a more immersive experience, a live Q & Session was planned immediantly following the presentation. This was a great way to make the pre-recorded presentation seem live. We setup in Cavallo's conference room and lit a black backdrop to look like curtains backstage. The video was streamed and cut seamlessly into the broadcast. Take a look behind the scenes and see the final lighting setup for the Q & A. Watch the Q&A at the end of each presentation.

Creating Content From Long-Form Videos

The long-form nature of these videos presented several opportunities to create additional shorter videos. This is a great way to increase the return on investment on any video marketing project.

Software Demo Videos

In each of the presentations, there was a demo given showing the features of the software. While they were very informative, they were a bit long just to re-use just as-is. We took the screen recordings and dialogue captured during the presentations and worked it into a more compact script for use with voiceover. These two short demos give prospective customers a quick overview of the software and the value Cavallo can provide to their business.

Social Media Clips

The long-form presentations also presented several opportunities to create short social media videos. We took the best sound bites and optimized them for use on social media. This is a great way to get in front of the customer one more time, or reach new customers who may have missed the event. Ask us about repurposing your videos into social media content.

Need Help With Your Event Videos?

Whether you are planning on an in-person event or virtual event, we can help you use video to market your business. Give us a call today for a free discovery session. Have any questions about this project we did for Cavallo? You can also email us at info@capturevm.com. Take a look at the finished videos below.


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