Testimonial Video Production Case Study

Tell a Stronger Tale with Testimonials

It’s one thing to say great things about yourself, quite another to have others say it for you. We call it “social proof,” and LeafGuard gained piles of it with Capture. We created a series of testimonials featuring every company’s best salespeople, its customers, which LeafGuard uses as case studies and short-form content on its website and social media pages. In addition, we repurposed b-roll footage to create company recruitment and branded videos. View the videos below and read about our process. 


Our Process

We met with LeafGuard to discuss the goals and objectives of the project. They wanted a library of testimonials that they can use over the next few years for website advertising, content marketing, and TV advertising.

When contacting customers, we outlined what they should expect with COVID limiting normal filming procedures. We interviewed them at their house and setup all the equipment prior to them needing to be out there.

By focusing on the customer’s prior pain points, we were able to create an engaging conversation.

“What sort of frustrations did you have with your old gutters?”
“How often were you cleaning your gutters and did you feel safe being up on the ladder?
“How does it feel not having to worry about your gutters?”

After interviewing them, we went around their house and captured b-roll of the gutters on their house.

We refined the messaging

In post-production we refined the messaging for clarity and length. We removed 'ums' and non-relevant information. We layered music and branding graphics into the edit.

Covering all the pain points

Each video addressed different problems found with conventional gutter systems and showed how LeafGuard solved it. The end of each video had a free estimate call-to-action.

Additionally, we spoke to their employees to create a recruitment video.

It was fairly easy to cut together a recruitment video after capturing a full library of b-roll footage. We spent a morning talking to the employees about working there and created a short video to use for hiring.

Genuine customer reviews

Now, when a homeowner visits their website, they have genuine responses from real customers. This helps shorten the sales cycle and convert more leads.


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