5 Animated Video Examples

Animation and motion graphics are a value-added video production service we offer. Titles, lower thirds, graphics, and other animated elements can be found in nearly all of our clients' projects. Animation can help provide additional context or information to your videos, and it's a great way to enhance the overall production value of your videos.

However, you can also use animation to create entire videos. One popular type of animated video, explainer videos, uses stylized animation and graphics to tell a story. This style of video has become very popular because it's extremely effective at delivering a targeted message to a specific audience.

Stylized Graphics of Computer and Person

In this blog, we'll show you five examples of animation we use in our video production projects, ranging from simple graphics to full-fledged explainer videos.

1.Animated Explainer Video

This animated video created for Watchfire Signs explains the differences between the pixel pitches of LED signs. Using colorful graphics, playful animation, and sound effects, this video helps answer one of the most common questions potential buyers have before purchasing an LED sign.

2. Brand Explainer Video

Cavallo provides a very specific service to its customers. In this explainer video, we used a combination of 3D animation and motion graphics, layered with stock footage and text animation, to tell the story of how they transform your distribution business.

3. Product Feature Explainer Animation 

When you are the first to market with a new product feature, you need to clearly explain and show the value to potential customers. This video uses motion graphics to illustrate how Grilla Grills new TempTamer grill feature works and why you should care.

4. 3D Tradeshow Video 

Tradeshows often feature large booths with opportunities to place messaging on displays. This tradeshow video we produced for Kawasaki features 3D animation and motion graphics to help showcase its new product offerings.

5. User Conference Video Opener

When you have all your customers in one place, you need to wow them before the show starts. This user conference video opener uses animation, stock footage, and hard-hitting sound effects to get people excited.

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