Top 5 Questions About Grand Rapids Video Production‍

If you’ve never hired a video production company, chances are you have a few questions about the process. So in this article, we put together the top 5 video production questions we get from Grand Rapids companies.

What is the Cost of a Video?

The cost of Grand Rapids video production varies significantly, but mostly comes down to the budget you set. A single video can be created in all sorts of different ways, so setting a budget is helpful for a production company to figure out the best way to create your video.

That being said, a higher budget typically yields better results. On average, most small to mid-sized companies in Grand Rapids should expect a cost between $10,000 and $35,000 for most video projects. Read more about costs here.

How Long Does it Take to Create a Video?

Again, this one varies depending on all sorts of factors. Amount of filming days, the scripting and messaging process, and how complex post-production will all affect the time it takes to complete your video.

We put together a more detailed blog that goes over how long Grand Rapids video production takes, but you can expect most projects to be completed within 4-6 weeks.

Can You Film at Our Location With Our Staff?

Yes! We always encourage filming at your location and especially using your own staff. Having your staff and key business representatives be on camera always creates a more genuine and impactful video in our experience. With a bit of coaching and editing, we have the ability to make anyone look and sound great on camera!

Rob Devroy Coaches Staff

What Deliverables do we get?

Typically, for Grand Rapids businesses with their own marketing team, we are delivering a package of files via an electronic download link. Usually, this is a .mp4 of any final videos, caption files to go along with the upload, thumbnails for the videos, and any photo or still frame grabs taken during the production.

For some companies, we also handle the strategy and implementation of the videos. So that means we’ll be the ones uploading the videos onto YouTube and helping your team integrate them across your website and other marketing channels. Let us know if you are looking for a video production partner who can handle everything from start to finish.

Can You Create a Version for Our Social Media?

Yes! Social media cutdown videos have become standard with nearly every client project we do. It’s a great way to increase the return on investment of your video too.

Just like the above example we with NFL Quarterback Kirk Cousins, we’ll take your long-form video and then cut a square or vertical format of it. Then, we’ll add on-screen captions to increase engagement and understanding of your video. Learn more about our short-form video production capabilities.  

Your Grand Rapids Video Production Partner

If you have any more questions about video production, please let us know! Our goal is to make video easy for your marketing team. Learn more about Capture and see some examples of our work here.

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