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Cavallo Events Stand Out With High-Quality Video Production

Cavallo® is a software development company dedicated to enhancing enterprise resource planning (ERP) specifically for distribution business. Each year, the company hosts its PANELS user conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan to share information about new improvements and offerings, gather feedback from clients and deepen relationships. For the past two years, Capture has filmed, edited and produced all the videos marketing and promoting the event.

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Capture Video Production Elevates PANELS Events

Hype the event. Build excitement. Increase registrations. Rev the crowd. Capture the scene. Interview attendees. Catch the Cavallo-sponsored after-hours activities in Grand Rapids. Get ready to do it all over again next year.

There’s a lot riding on expensive customer events, and much of the weight rests on the shoulders of the promotional, in-conference and post-show videos. Such is the case for Cavallo’s annual PANELS user conferences in Grand Rapids, Mich., and it’s why Cavallo engaged Capture’s Rob Devroy when it rebranded the company and staged PANELS ’22. 

“We upped the production value across the board, from digital to print to video,”

Cavallo Creative Marketing Manager Eddie Bullinger said. “Capture has been a big part of improving the video and the value we ultimately get out of it.”

"Capture’s video production also helped re-establish PANELS as an in-person event following the COVID-19 pandemic," Bullinger said. "The easy working relationship, quality of the videos and the results they generated convinced Cavallo to rehire Capture for PANELS ’23."

Grand Rapids Event Video Production

A distributor designed Cavallo’s foundational software, SalesPad®, to simplify and streamline his own business more than 20 years ago. Since then, the company has expanded and improved its offerings by listening carefully to customers and helping them address their real-world distribution scenarios. Many of those situations come up during discussions at PANELS each year.

"In addition to facilitating the collection of invaluable feedback, PANELS is the ideal place for closing business with prospective customers who are able to see and hear directly from other SalesPad users how indispensable the software is to their operations, " Bullinger said.

In 2022, Capture promoted PANELS in Grand Rapids by creating videos using still images and limited video shot in previous years. Once PANELS ’22 really got rolling, however, so did Capture’s video production.

Before, during and after PANELS ’23, held in Grand Rapids August 7-9, the full package of video filming, editing and production included:

  • Event hype and advertisement videos
  • Conference opener video
  • In-conference videos to maintain participants’ excitement and prepare them for each day’s learning
  • Customer testimonial interviews
  • Recap videos to remind attendees of the fun they had, reiterate the event’s value, set the stage for their attendance again next year and improve the conference ROI for Cavallo.

"The opportunity to speak with customers during PANELS is especially valuable," Bullinger said, "because it can often be difficult for them to set aside time for interviews otherwise. Capture combines the interview footage with B-roll filmed later at customers’ places of business. The results are polished testimonial videos for promoting Cavallo and its products all year ’round. In addition, Capture can use snippets from multiple interviews for longer, more encompassing promotional videos."

“Capture’s videos are top-notch,” Bullinger said. “I've heard nothing but compliments from existing customers who attended PANELS, especially those whose stories they filmed. Plus, team members commented on how the videos helped us put our best foot forward."

Check out the behind the scenes video Rob put together, that shows the process for promoting the event.

The cycle of video production for Cavallo in Grand Rapids has already started all over again, with Capture creating post-conference footage for social media, advertisements and testimonials and preparing new videos for PANELS ’24. 

Boost Your Conference & Event ROI

Cavallo’s user conferences in Grand Rapids illustrate just how valuable it can be for a company to work with an experienced and professional video production partner for conferences, trade shows and other events.

Bullinger says the events are a crucial element of Cavallo’s success, and video is essential to making them enjoyable, fun and memorable. 

In addition to supporting the typical tactical objectives for marketing teams, high-quality video production enhances goodwill and positive associations for the brand. Hyping up participants and making their experiences more enjoyable turns them into brand ambassadors; the friends and industry colleagues they talk to later about PANELS become the people who will grow next year’s event.

"Ultimately, the overarching objective was to make the Grand Rapids user conference stand out from others in the software industry," Bullinger said. "Capture came through not just with flying colors, but also with customized, animated graphics and an experienced eye for what makes for outstanding video production."

“We definitely love Capture’s work,” Bullinger said, “but just as importantly, we love working with Rob and his crew.”


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