Our First Year In Business

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Just over a year ago, Capture Video and Marketing was formed. It’s amazing how quickly our first year went by. We are beyond grateful for the opportunities we’ve had, and want to thank our clients for a great first year. Above, is a short creative reel from our first year. Below, is a few case studies of projects we worked on in our first year. We invite you to take a look. We are very excited for what will come in the next year!  

Watchfire Upgrades Fremont Street's LED Canopy

Fremont Street in Las Vegas is home to the largest single video screen in the world. We were hired by Watchfire to explain the project through a series of marketing videos, animations, and trade show materials. Videos show the design, construction, and planned installation.

Grilla Grills Chimp

Grilla Grills Launches New Chimp Pellet Grill

Grilla Grills designed and launched a new pellet grill in the spring of 2019. We helped launch the pellet grill with a full-service marketing campaign.

Holland Hospital Employee Service Awards

Holland Hospital recognizes employees who have achieved service milestones in their career. We celebrate their stories, and show how they are part of Holland Hospital’s Story in a full-service campaign.

Documentary Video Production in Grand Rapids Michigan

Petoskey Plastics Celebrates Their 50th Year In Business

In July of 2019, Petoskey Plastics celebrated it’s 50th year as a company. To tell the story of Petoskey Plastics growth, we produced a business documentary that chronicles the growth of the company. Using archival images, found footage, and interviews of employees, Petoskey Plastics had us create a documentary.

Rob Devroy

Rob Devroy

October 20, 2019


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