4 Examples of Grand Rapids Video Production

Grand Rapids companies have embraced video production as a strategic tool to expand their businesses and effectively communicate their brand message. Utilizing video is particularly advantageous since it closely replicates an in-person, face-to-face conversation with a customer. Furthermore, videos enable companies to establish connections with their target audience wherever they frequent, be it on their mobile devices, while browsing the internet, or while watching television.

As a Grand Rapids video production company, we've helped all sorts of local businesses add video to their marketing strategy. In this article, we'll share some examples of videos we've created for local companies. If you work for a business that is considering starting with video production, hopefully, this gives you a few ideas of what's possible! And, of course, if you have any questions or would like to start a conversation about your video, reach out to us!

User Conference Event Videos 

Cavallo is a distribution software company located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Each year, they host an annual user conference in downtown GR. This conference is a place for existing users to gain more product knowledge, but it's also a place for new prospects to get hands-on experience with their software.

In an effort to promote and market the event, we've created a suite of videos that are used on their website and social media channels to spread the word. 

These videos were created using a combination of motion graphics, text, video, and sound effects. Each year, we film footage of the event to use for next year's promotion. If you're planning a trade show or user conference, this is a great way to start. The heavy use of text allows the message to come across without the viewer needing to hear the video. Additionally, this style is modified to create a hype video for the beginning of the show. 

Client and Customer Testimonial Videos

Neuropeak Pro is a Grand Rapids company that assists athletes, professionals, and everyday individuals in enhancing their performance under pressure through precise breathing techniques and training. Users can utilize their app and the NTEL belt to train and monitor their progress.

NFL QB Kirk Cousins began utilizing Neuropeak Pro's services over 10 years ago while he was still the quarterback at Michigan State University. We assisted Neuropeak Pro in capturing a testimonial of Kirk Cousins' experience. By conducting an interview with him and filming b-roll footage of him on the field, we created a collection of promotional and social media videos for Neuropeak to utilize. View the case study here.

Testimonials and case studies serve as highly effective forms of social proof that any business can leverage. For businesses venturing into video production, they provide an excellent starting point due to the enduring relevance of the videos and the return on investment they offer compared to other video formats.

Video Advertisements 

Holland Hospital has been serving the Greater Grand Rapids area for over a century. In an endeavor to establish a stronger connection with the local community, Holland Hospital has employed video advertising on social media and TV platforms to effectively convey their message.

Video advertisements can take various forms and sizes, but the underlying thread is a focused marketing message. When devising a video ad campaign, the message should receive the utmost attention and effort.

These two examples of video ads we've created for Holland Hospital both carry a distinct message. One targets a younger demographic, encouraging them to utilize primary care services, while the other narrates the story of someone seeking help for knee issues. To delve into our comprehensive process, you can explore the Primary Care Ad Campaign case study here or the Brand Video Ads Case study here.

YouTube Marketing Videos 

Grilla Grills is a grill manufacturer whose roots started in Holland, Michigan. Since Grilla Grills sells to a national audience, they need a way to reach customers beyond the local Grand Rapids area.

YouTube marketing videos turned out to be a fantastic asset for Grilla Grills. Not only is YouTube a thriving social media platform, but it's also the second-largest search engine, only second to Google. This combination allowed Grilla Grills to reach a huge audience using a variety of videos, including recipe videos, product videos, product comparison videos, and lifestyle videos.

We created over 100 videos for Grilla Grills, with many videos receiving hundreds of thousands of organic views. We achieved this by maintaining a strategic balance between providing incredible value for the viewers (entertainment, information, inspiration, education) and incorporating just enough product promotion. If you are an eCommerce or manufacturing company that sells online, consider incorporating YouTube into your video marketing strategy.

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We hoped you found these examples helpful! If you work for a business who is considering starting video and have some questions, please reach out to us and set up a free discovery call.

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