Top Questions About Video Editing and Post-Production

Video editing is the process of making videos look better and more interesting. It involves cutting out unwanted footage, adding effects and graphics, improving the sound, and arranging everything to tell a good story and promote a brand or product.

As a Grand Rapids video production company, we get a lot of questions about video editing and post-production. In this article, we’ll answer all your questions and give you insight into our video production process

How Much Does Video Editing Cost?

The cost of video editing in Grand Rapids varies significantly. Videographers with less than two years of experience may charge as little as $30 per hour, while larger studios may charge upwards of $250 per hour. That being said, for most professional video editing services, expect an average hourly rate of $150 per hour.

Video editing is always included in all of our video production projects as we don't charge hourly. Contact us to get a quote for video editing or Grand Rapids video production services.

How Long Does Video Editing Take?

The time it takes to edit a video depends on the amount of footage that needs to be edited, the style of editing, the final video length, and the complexity of additional post-production work, such as animated graphics, sound design, or color correction.

Most talking head-style videos can be edited in under two weeks, while videos that include animation can take anywhere from six to eight weeks.

Can You Cut Short-Form Videos From Long-Form Videos?

With the rise of short-form video, this request is something we hear from our clients quite often. Usually, it doesn't cost much more to cut a short-form video from one of your long-form videos.

We'll resize the video for mobile screens, and we can even add animated graphics and text to enhance engagement and understanding of your videos. Learn more about our process for short-form captions.

What Types of Videos Can You Edit?

We can edit everything from social media videos, video ads, video campaigns, testimonials, corporate videos, and more. We even have in-house animation and motion graphics capabilities.

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